Update on Posting

I've been snowed under at work and home. We're getting the taxes together this weekend, which will require copious amounts of alcohol once we're done.

We've been breaking in new equipment this week, the Vernier Lab Quest, a tool that allows us to collect data, display it in a graph or meter style (in color!), and send it to a computer for further writing and display (you can do some writing on the handheld device, but for major input, the computer is easier), and even print directly to an HP device.

I also learned to podcast. Looking forward to playing around with that more on the weekend.

Compared to the interest I have in my own life, politics seems boring - particularly the Democrat race - although the bickering is delightful. The fight is catty, petty, and seemingly designed to cause meltdown in the general election.

What more could I ask?


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