The Nearby Primaries

I live on the border of NC-SC, on the SC side. Most of our news comes from the Charlotte stations. So, for the last few months, we've been privy to the jockeying for favor the presidential candidates have been indulging in.

Today, I noticed a new Clinton ad. She appears, talking about the conversation she's having with voters. She "takes" a question about high gas prices - the picture of the voter, an under-40 white woman, is shown on the screen. In the ad, Clinton appears warm, thoughtful, and competent. It's going to be hard to beat Clinton in NC, unless there are a lot more Black voters than I thought there were.

I have seen comparatively few Obama ads. That may be due to the shows I watch, or the fact that I watch comparatively little TV.

I honestly can't say I have a clue who will win the Democratic nomination. A few weeks ago, I might have said Obama. But, after watching his various stumbles for the last month, Hillary suddenly looks like she's back in the game.

No matter which one gets the nomination, truthfully, hasn't it been enormously entertaining?


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