I Smell a Back-Room Deal in the Making

Hillary's people are apparently relying on strong-arming the superdelegates, according to a story in FoxNews.

Quelle surprise!  The Clinton mafia has always been comfortable with bypassing the "little people" and going right to the deal-makers for what they want.  And, this time, they want the nomination for Hillary.

I'm against that.  But, then, I'm a really strong supporter of democratic (small d) elections.  It's amazing how well that's worked, in general, for the USA.

Not that "the little people" haven't settled on mediocre, duplicitious, or just awful elected officials before.  And, even, returned them to office, year after endless year, despite credible evidence that they were:
  • crooked
  • morally bankrupt, or/and,
  • stupid
I'm thinking Traficant, for example.

Yet, in part due to the strength of the system, the Republic trods on.

Note:  I am posting this twice, due to a glitch in the updating feature - my network blocked it.
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