Hillary on The O'Reilly Factor

Hillary is talking about the "gas tax holiday", health care, and other hot topics. I gotta be honest, she's looking strong, unflustered, and on top of things. Bill tried to get her to say something negative about the Obama-Wright situation, but she rather skillfully evaded that landmine.

O'Reilly got Hillary to say that she would be raising the ceiling on taxes to "what you (O'Reilly) were paying in the 90's" - 36-39%. "I am not going to raise the payroll tax on people who are paying more than they should", she said.

O'Reilly said that what she was doing was income re-distribution "and that's socialism". She disagreed, saying that the 90's was the fairest, healthiest economy we've had.

She sparred with O'Reilly, saying that Obama was NOT for universal health care. O'Reilly said "Obama's a nice guy". Hillary is clearly staking out the pugnacious arena.


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