Step Away From That Candy, Kid!

Of all the recent stories, this has to rank as the DUMBEST.
Michael Sheridan was stripped of his title as class vice president, barred from attending an honors student dinner and suspended for a day after buying a bag of Skittles from a classmate.

The New Haven school system banned candy sales in 2003 as part of a districtwide school wellness policy, said school spokeswoman Catherine Sullivan-DeCarlo.

Shelli Sheridan, Michael's mother, told the New Haven Register that he is a top student with no previous disciplinary problems.

It's CANDY, people, not DRUGS!!!!!!!

I'm all for a reasonably healthy diet, but you have to be reasonable. Suspending kids for buying and selling candy?

I'm betting that they're more focused on that than on weeding out the stoned kids. Yeah, I'll bet they have them, but they're so busy keeping the kids off crack -- I mean sugar (the other white stuff) they are bypassing the serious stuff.

Look, other than the guy who killed Harvey Milk (can't remember his name, but his lawyer pioneered the Twinkies defense), sugar doesn't kill.


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