A Reflection on Tibet and Israel

I read the above article in Real Clear Politics (you really must check them out), and was struck by the way the article clarified what, to me, was the puzzling differences in the way the media and NGOs treat Israel and - well - just about every other country. Except us, of course.

The kicker is at the end:
Israel's Jewishness is a major part of the Muslim world's hatred of Israel. It is also part of Europe's hostility toward Israel: Portraying Israel as oppressors assuages some of Europe's guilt about the Holocaust -- "see, the Jews act no better than we did." Hence the ubiquitous comparisons of Israel to Nazis.


Anonymous said…
A sick man wrote a sick article. How can one be so ignorant by stating this:

"So while grieving Palestinians and the accidental killings of Palestinians during morally necessary Israeli retaliations against terrorists"

Are you playing god?

And before you make accusation toward China, please help yourself with this links:
1. http://www.newspiritualbible.com/index2

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