A Question No One Is Asking

I'm not seeing full coverage of the Times Square recruiting office bombing. Tantalizing hints of a larger story linger around the edges of MSM reports.

From the FoxNews story

First oddity:
Police sources also say the letters on Capitol Hill are not connected to The New York Times Square bombing.
Currently, police are questioning someone connected to the letter, but, according to the story, don't consider that person connected to the bombing.

Second oddity:
FOX News has learned that the offices of Reps. Hilda Solis, D-Calif., John Tierney, D-Mass., and Lois Capps, D-Calif., received the letters.

There is some speculation on Capitol Hill that members of the Out of Iraq Caucus may be the targets of the letter. Solis, Tierney and Capps are three of the more than 70 members of that caucus.
Now, I can't imagine why those members would be picked to receive the letters. There's no connection to over-the-top rhetoric and kooks who are inspired to act, is there.

Michelle Malkin apparently agrees with me:
With the disclosure last night that House Democrats received a massive, anti-Iraq war screed and photo of the apparent perpetrator gloating about the destructive deed before it took place, only the blind, deaf, and dumb will persist in denying that this was a deliberate act of anti-military domestic terrorism.

The NY Times has further information that I'd forgotten about:
And the explosion on Thursday occurred on the 38th anniversary of the day when three members of the revolutionary group Weather Underground accidentally blew themselves up in their town house in Greenwich Village while making bombs. The significance of these dates, if any, is unknown.
Nothing to see here, move along.

Michelle's report is the most disturbing - she traces the long and increasingly violent history of violence against recruiting offices, and their recruiters. Please, go there, and read the entire thing.

My question: Why is this attack receiving so little coverage? The MSM is treating it like "ho-hum, another lone Unabomber-type nut". It doesn't seem like that - this is too organized, and may tie into other bombings in other countries. What that indicates is organized, anarchist activity.


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