Ricin Incident

I want to know who the man was who was hospitalized. Particularly, I want to know his ethnicity.

Prejudiced? No, just highly suspicious about incidents like this. Often, it's the so-called victim who ends up being the person who's trying to spread it.

In other news, snow has been found to contain bacteria:

The most common bacteria found was Pseudomonas syringae, which can cause disease in several types of plants including tomatoes and beans.

The study found it in 20 samples of snow from around the world and subsequent research has also found it in summer rainfall in Louisiana.

The focus on Pseudomonas in the past has been to try and eliminate it, Christner said, but now that it turns out to be a major factor in encouraging snow and rain, he wonders if that is a good idea. Would elimination of this bacteria result in less rain or snow, or would it be replaced by other nuclei such as soot and dust?

"The question is, are they a good guy or a bad guy," he said, "and I don't have the answer to that."

What is clear is that Pseudomonas is effective at getting moisture in a cloud to condense, he pointed out. Killed bacteria are even used as an additive in snow making at ski resorts.

Which raises the question, Christner said, of whether planting crops known to be infected by Pseudomonas in areas experiencing drought might help increase precipitation there by adding more nuclei to the atmosphere.

While I'm thinking that one through, I'll peruse the new seed catalogs - I may want to order some more tomato plants.

This is just wrong

Come on, people. This is what 3rd World countries do, not the US.

Can't wait until mandatory health care hits - I'd expect more of this.


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