My Apple Has Been Rescued!

I have the most wonderful SIL (son-in-law) on the planet - maybe even the Universe! A drink was spilled on my MacBook, and, when I called Apple, I was told that any repairs would NOT be covered under AppleCare. And, that the repairs would void my warranty. The cost of repairs was estimated at $600-$800.

I was seriously heartsick. I didn't have the time to send in the notebook for repairs, let alone having the money to pay for it.

My SIL offered to try to fix it. I had nothing to lose, so I OK'd it.

I'm back. He took the entire notebook (and the optical drive) completely apart, cleaned everything, and it works like a charm. He really doesn't work on MAC products. He's a PC person. But, also an absolute genius.

Send me an email at this link if you have a repair problem, and want David to take a look at it. I've seen him bring seemingly dead PCs back to life better than a TV MD.


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