Jim Crow - Pakistan-style

I didn't know about the background of the some of the opposition to Musharraf. This was found at Sigmund, Carl and Alfred.
The current hatred of Gen. Musharraf has little to do with the nature of his government. His real "crime" is that he is a Muhajir, the son of one of millions of Indian Muslims who fled to Pakistan during partition in 1947. Although it was Muhajirs who agitated for the creation of Pakistan in the first place, many native Pakistanis view them with contempt and treat them as third-class citizens.

Ms. Bhutto herself, as prime minister in the summer of 1995, referred to Pakistan's Muhajirs as "rats" and said they had "bad blood." In an interview with India Today, a Muhajir spokesman responded that "we have bad blood; it was this blood that built this country."

Even for Western-educated Pakistanis like Ms. Bhutto (the scion of an elite Sindhi family), the sight of a common Muhajir like Gen. Musharraf as Pakistan's supreme power holder is intolerable. Pushing for his fall has little to do with "a return to democracy." It is far more a matter of restoring Pakistan's equivalent of Jim Crow.
I'm kind of annoyed about the adulation that was being shown to Bhutto before her assassination. The massive looting of Pakistan's assets during her term in power is being glossed over. Just because she was a woman, corruption of her and her people (including her husband) is being Whitewatered whitewashed.


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