Facebook Apps

I'm not terribly interested in playful, interactive games - I truly don't have the time right now. So, the applications/widgets on Facebook have been largely ignored by me.

BlogFriends is the exception. I see it as a way to promote your blog to a new audience - and one that is growing exponentially.

Bloggers don't post in a vacuum. We try to gain a larger readership, and do so for varying reasons.

  • Some, like myself, have a passionate interest in particular topics. We like to think that what we write may have some influence, and may nudge the discussion towards a particular conclusion.
  • Some just enjoy writing, and enjoy knowing that what they've written has reached a wider audience.
  • Some sell ads, and want to increase revenue.
  • It can be an addictive thrill to realize that we are not alone in our thoughts, opinions, and interests. The ability to reach out and touch like-minded people is like water to the parched plant - it is life-sustaining.

If you haven't tried the app, do so - you can, in the app, adjust a slider to indicate your interest in reading more by particular writers. Over time, you can calibrate your list of BlogFriends.


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