Myths of War

This is an outstanding list of Myths of War. These myths wouldn't be so widely believed if the Education Nazis hadn't stripped History classes of what I so loved about them:
we’ve stripped in-depth U.S. history classes out of our schools. Since the 1960s, one history course after another has been cut, while the content of those remaining focuses on social issues and our alleged misdeeds. Dumbed-down textbooks minimize the wars that kept us free. As a result, ignorance of the terrible price our troops had to pay for freedom in the past creates absurd expectations about our present conflicts. When the media offer flawed or biased analyses, the public lacks the knowledge to make informed judgments.
The changing of History from rigorous examinations of reality, to touchy-feely, uber-PC marshmallows of "whatever you do, don't offend the offensive" nonsense is why I'm glad that I wasn't able to get a Social Studies position, and, instead, used my General Science certification to get work. Since then, I've come to love the science discipline. But, initially, the only reason I wasn't teaching History was that I wasn't a coach (for the uninformed, the History Dept. in high schools is traditionally where the coaches are found).


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