But, Think of the CHILDREN!

I, personally, think it's important to release criminals if they're pregnant. And, of course, protest the arrest of mothers of young children. Everyone knows that MOMS can't REALLY be felons - they're just misunderstood victims, who are only trying to make money to support said children.

Yeah, right.


S said…
If they are pregnant when convicted, it is important to get them out of the country, say to Gitmo, before they deliver, so that they do not have an anchor baby. There should be no basis at all for them to stay when they finish their jail terms.
Rico J. Halo said…
I dont think this is anything but show by the Bush administration. They are the last people to get serious about enforcing our borders. I will believe they are serious when they start hammering the employers as well as the illegals.
Tim said…
South Carolina has a choice !!

Tim Carnes is running against Lindsey Graham and will return conservative integrity back into the representation that the people of South Carolina receives in the Senate.


Join us in this effort. Vote for a change in 2008.

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