Top Ten List About Blogging

I found this Top Ten list at The Curt Jester.
Signs You Are Spending Too Much Time Blogging

1. You think to yourself, “Am I spending too much time blogging?” And then you blog about it.

2. Your wife’s lawyer serves you with divorce papers by leaving a comment on your blog.

3. Your mom finds out about your son breaking his arm by reading your blog. (Sorry, mom).

4. You find yourself thinking, “I can’t wait to blog about this,” and you’re flossing.

5. You sometimes have nightmares about posting in front of a large group of people in a standard Blogger template.

6. You start a caption contest so you don’t have to spend as much time writing, and then you get mad when one of your 20 captions doesn’t win.

7. You’ve stopped using the terms “blogger friends” and “real-life friends” because you no longer have any of the latter.

8. While skimming a particularly long post you find yourself thinking, “Man, will this guy ever shut up about his family?” and then you remember you’re reading Deuteronomy.

9. You can only keep track of which day it is by which blog you’re guest-posting at.

10. You’re putting off going to bed with your pretty blond wife so that you can think of number ten on this list.
My number 11? I was so excited about this list (which I fit in WAY too many ways), because I could, with almost no effort, blog about it.

Which I just did.


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