One More Time - Push Against Shamnesty

I know it's summer, the weather is great, and we're all a little tired after our massive push that initially derailed S 1348. Those, like myself, who are in the educational field, are more than a little frazzled after a tough year.

But, we absolutely have to gear up for another round of "Teach the Senators Who Keeps Them in Clover". We need to write, call, fax, & email our Elected Ones, and let them know how we feel about Shamnesty. Don't forget, the most attention goes to those who are registered to vote. I provided the preferred methods of getting in touch from best to worst. Don't get me wrong, it's better to email than not, just that letters and calls get more attention.

So, suck it up. Here's some links to get you mostivated.


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