Illegal Immigration

From the National Review's Robert Rector:
Consider two foreigners who were here on temporary visas that expired in December 2006. One of these individuals lawfully returned home upon expiration of his visa; the other chose to remain in the U.S. unlawfully. Under S. 1348, which of these individuals will be granted the privileges and benefits of citizenship? Answer: the one who broke our laws. Meanwhile the individual who respected our laws and returned home will remain abroad and will have little chance for citizenship. Is this fair? Of all the people in the world who wish to come to America, why should we feel compelled to grant citizenship to a group whose sole qualification is that they broke our laws?
I personally know some of these individuals who came legally, and I oppose disrespecting them, in favor of someone who shows no respect for the law. It just isn't fair.

It's the Animal Farm approach to citizenship - some non-citizens are more equal than others.

Mel Martinez (R - putatively) is on CSpan this morning, defending 1348. If you are a FL voter, get that fool out of office! He is a disgrace to the party!

I'm with the Payback Project. If this travesty passes, we're going to work to defeat every Republican legislator that voted for it. No more holding our nose and pulling the lever for the "stinkers" - the worst that can happen is NOT that Democrats win - it's that we elect RINOs who are worse than Democrats.

Consider a criminal who has stolen a car. Under a simple amnesty, the crime would be forgotten and criminal penalties waived. By analogy, S. 1348 not only waives those penalties, it allows the thief to keep the car, and gives him $300,000 in benefits as well. This is not merely amnesty, but amnesty with a cash bonus funded by the taxpayer. America deserves better.
Yeah, we do. Hit the links to the House and Senate, and register your disgust with this bill.


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