How Sweet It Is!

I'm concerned about the results of this study. On one hand, the FDA posed a legitimate concern about the methodology - it does differ significantly from the norm. However, that doesn't make it invalid - it just may be a more appropriate way to determine the long-term damage of many drugs and foods.

No, my concern is that the study indicates a relatively high intake of aspartame in the typical diet - check out your processed food labeling - it's in so many different things. I know that, because I am sensitive to it, and cannot eat foods containing it. I have to avoid many processed foods as a result.

One big issue is the high number of kids who are on sugar-free diets - not by doctor's dictates, but mom's, who want to avoid obesity-related problems in their children. It doesn't seem to be working - kids today are, on average, fatter than ever. This study seems to indicate long-term damage, including cancers.


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