Who Do They Think They're Kidding?

Bear Creek Ledger warns of future consequences of NOT stopping this immigration bill. He includes a link to Michelle Malkin, who reminds us:
There have been seven illegal alien amnesties passed into law since 1986:

·The 1986 Immigration and Reform Control Act blanket amnesty for an estimated 2.7 million illegal aliens

·1994: The "Section 245(i)" temporary rolling amnesty for 578,000 illegal aliens

·1997: Extension of the Section 245(i) amnesty

·1997: The Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act for nearly one million illegal aliens from Central America

·1998: The Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act amnesty for 125,000 illegal aliens from Haiti

·2000: Extension of amnesty for some 400,000 illegal aliens who claimed eligibility under the 1986 act
·2000: The Legal Immigration Family Equity Act, which included a restoration of the rolling Section 245(i) amnesty for 900,000 illegal aliens]

Guess what? None –not one—of those amnesties was associated with a decline in illegal immigration. On the contrary, the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. has triple and since President Reagan signed the first amnesty in 1986. The total effect of the amnesties was even larger because relatives later joined amnesty recipients, and this number was multiplied by an unknown number of children born to amnesty recipients who then acquired automatic US citizenship.
Guys, if you're going to FIX the situation, FIX the situation! You know, that Daddy Knows Best stuff might have worked in the past, when you could slip legislation past the citizens without their knowledge.

Not so today - thanks to the Internet and bloggers, the MSM has some serious competition. We can search and analyze bills for ourselves, rather than just accepting summary information.

In that spirit, I include the full text of the bill. Check it out for yourself.


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