New Video Site

Tired of being censored by YouTube for Politically Incorrect postings?

Try QubeTV, the conservative's answer to YouTube.

I've been browsing the site, and found a few gems, including
Great Moments in Democratic Extremism.

The banned Hillary Clinton "Apple" ad, that got a Obama staffer fired.

Which Wins? German Engineering or Muslim Technology?

Not sure where candidates stand on the ISSUES? Here's Tom Tancredo (who, BTW, I favor at this time)

Imagine a World without America, put together by - I'm astonished - the Brits.

Michelle Malkin's "First They Came" video

Compares coverage of John Bolton, with his alleged problems with Anger Management, to media coverage of Bill Clinton.

Major take-down of Obama and his wife's financial dealings.
Keep checking back on QubeTV. I'm guessing that it's going to change politics as we know it.

Isn't it funny - when liberals feel their viewpoint is being crowded out - they use their clout to kick out those they disapprove of - that process we used to call "censorship". When conservatives feel their viewpoint is not being heard - they start up a new service - or network. Which of those choices respects democracy more?


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