Memorial Day Weekend

Haven't posted for a few days. My husband and I were busy with end of the year clearing up at school (basically, you have to turn in all paperwork, and get everyone to sign off that you have done so). We also were busy organizing our physics equipment, because we will both be moving to the northern part of the state. We will be teaching at the same school next year.

We spent the last two days traveling from South Carolina to Cleveland. By last night, all I had the energy to do was veg out on the couch, and watch the John Wayne marathon.

I'd normally have a picnic, but the weather isn't cooperating. It's been storming in Cleveland. This morning, I went outside to the van to get something, and was drenched.

This isn't a happy holiday - unlike most holidays, Memorial Day is for the dead. Often, the very young dead. Those who are remembered were generally too young to have accumulated a lifetime of memories. Their lifetime was too short.

As the graphic above indicates, their lives (and their deaths) weren't purposeless. As hard as it is to bear, they died for all Americans.

America's funny. It's not only a place, it's an idea. It's the idea that most humans can amount to something if no artificial obstacles are put in their way. For that reason, the ideal of America is to limit restrictions on personal freedom.

We're not an envious and jealous culture. We're perfectly happy to encourage, even help, other countries set up a government that extends these freedoms to their people. If you haven't seen the Bill Whittle post on that subject, go there now. Really. I mean that. Right now.

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