Immigration - The Gathering Storm

People all over the 'net are FURIOUS about the proposed immigration bill. How furious? Judge for yourself:
  • Further Adventures of Indigo Red recalls the temper of the Declaration of Independence.
    Although the term amnesty has been carefully avoided, the fact is that the proposed legislation would legalize millions of illegal aliens who have thumbed their noses at U.S. borders and immigration laws for their own selfish purposes.

    The proposed amnesty would reward these criminals, while millions of others across the globe are penalized for obeying the law.

    President Bush and prominent members of the U.S. Congress are promising that the new legislation will improve border security and reduce illegal immigration. One senator from Pennsylvania even went so far as to suggest that the bill would restore "rule of law" to immigration.

    With all due respect to the gentleman, simply legalizing illegal behavior hardly qualifies as a credible way to restore rule of law.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the latest proposal indicates that either you are not listening or we are not shouting loud enough.

    Just to make sure that our views are clearly understood, please be advised that we the people are FED UP with the attempt to undermine American sovereignty, homeland security, and culture.
  • Bear Creek Ledger has some of the details of the proposed legislation, courtesy of FAIR.
    Immediately grants probationary benefits (including work authorization, protection from removal, and a social security number) based only on an application and a 24-hour wait on a background check. Probationary benefits are not affected by the “trigger” in Title I of the bill.
    As BCL points out,
    I also am curious how a background check is to be done on an illegal alien who often times have multiple spellings of their names and fraudulent identities.
    Yeah, I was wondering about that, too.

  • CommonSenseAmerica
    sees some language in the bill that might lead to unintended consequences - union with Canada and Mexico. Seem far-fetched? Check this out:
    Tucked away on Page 28 under the above heading in Sec. 113 is this:

    (3) VISA POLICY COORDINATION AND IMMIGRATION SECURITY. — The progress made by Canada, Mexico, and the United States to enhance the security of North America by cooperating on visa policy and identifying best practices regarding immigration security, including the progress made –

    (C) in exploring methods for Canada, Mexico, and the United States to waive visa requirements for nationals and citizens of the same foreign countries;
There's more there - and there's also a link to the full text (so far - they're still making changes).

I'll post more later - I have grading to do, and also want to see who makes it to the next round of Dancing with the Stars.


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