High School Dropout?

Kathy Shaidle at Relapsed Catholic lays out the facts straight.
- Live below sea level? Move. Live in the desert? Likewise. The Appalachans? People still live there? Why?? It's called "the bus..."

- Africa needs zippers, not condoms. You'd think from last night's show that AIDS magically generates in little children's bodies like mythical maggots. No cause and effect in Africa, apparently. Can no one just control their urges for five minutes?

- Millions of Africans die of malaria because an evil dead white lady and her commie friends banned DDT. So bring it back.

- Why are "so many" American children "living in poverty"? Because their unmarried parents dropped out of high school. Whose fault is that?
I have nothing against high school dropouts - my Dad was one. But, he worked at any job that he could get - he considered it a disgrace to collect welfare. Those jobs included punch-press operator (he left that one, quick, before he lost a finger), janitor (before we "fancied up" the word), and other low-level jobs. He did not drink or drug on the job - he felt he owed his employer the best he could give. Eventually, he found a good job at Ohio Bell, a part of the old AT&T.

To be completely honest, he supplemented his pay with illegal poker playing. He'd been gambling (OK, it wasn't much of a gamble - he actively looked for the pigeons) since before his Army service. He cleaned up in the service - he put on his unsophisticated "shucks, I'm just a hillbilly from WV" mask, and waited for the city slickers to find him. He was good; on the average, he made another 50% of the family income that way. Too late for the IRS to get him - he died in 1997.

One unforseen result of my experience with gambling is that I don't - won't buy a lottery ticket, have no interest in Vegas or Atlantic City trips, and don't play cards for money. I will buy a charity raffle ticket once in a while - I think of it as a donation to the cause, not a way of hitting the jackpot.


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