Only 2 Real Solutions

I've been reading about the shootings at Virginia Tech. There are those that use the incidents as a rallying cry to Take Away Guns From Law-abiding Citizens! - forgetting that VTech was already a Gun-Free Zone.

Or not. It's probably fairer to call it a Disarmed Zone for Law-Abiding, Sensible Citizens. Otherwise known as a free-fire zone.

There seem to be only 2 solutions:

  1. Lock up the crazies. So many people who encountered Cho knew him to be "off" at best. He had been ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation (I would LOVE to see the report from that psychiatrist - he or she must be squirming now). But, our society has deemed it a violation of rights to lock up such obviously insane and dangerous people. It would be non-PC to single him out for involuntary committment.

    Instead, 32 people lost their right to life.

    Which brings me to

  2. Stop taking away people's guns, short of a felony conviction, or history of drunkenness or other instability. An armed populace is a safe populace.

    Don't believe me? How many gun ranges have the crazed shooters attacked?

    None. They would be taken down immediately.

    Instead, they shoot up the gun-free zones - schools, colleges, even an Amish community.



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