The Cheney-Pelosi Tiff

I really like the David Limbaugh blog. His guest blogger, Tom Scerbo, skewers the self-righteous Democrats who feel entitled to savage Bush, Cheney, and all the conservatives as quasi-Hitlers, but react with outraged indignation when even mild rebuke is given - however civil:
Precisely what did Dick Cheney -- the public servant who Democrats may, with impunity, stoop to any depths to slander -- say to make House Speaker Nancy Pelosi so indignant? Well, he issued his assessment of the Democrats' legislative proposals to emasculate our current offensive in Iraq.

Cheney said, "Al Qaeda functions on the basis that they think they can break our will ... " and cause us to "quit and go home. ... That's their fundamental underlying strategy. ... If we adopt the Pelosi policy ... we will validate the strategy of Al Qaeda. I said it, and I meant it."

What's wrong with that statement? If Cheney believes the Democrats' cut and run policies will benefit Al-Qaeda, doesn't he have an obligation to warn us? Not according to Pelosi, who said Cheney was questioning her patriotism.

Not once did Cheney suggest the Democrats were unpatriotic. He said, "I didn't question her patriotism. I questioned her judgment." Likewise, President Bush recently made clear that he didn't view the Democrats' proposals to withdraw from Iraq unpatriotic.


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