The Arkin Controversy

I've been following the Arkin uproar. He's the gent from the Washington Post blog who made dismissive remarks about the troops, calling them, among other things, mercenaries. Like many who are against the was, he is convinced that the soldiers are simple-minded, slack-jawed cretins who need to be led by their betters.

Oh, he's not TOO hateful towards them, just tsk-tsking that the poor, deluded fools don't understand complicated concepts like freedom, justice, and international relations.

Not like their intellectual superiors, who, despite not actually being present in Iraq, understand it from the news. That news, of course, is ABSOLUTELY unbiased, truthful, and, uh, what's the word? Nuanced, yeah, that's the ticket.

If your only exposure to the controversy is what you read in the mainstream media, I urge you to try the following blogs to get a different perspective.
  • The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller - over-the-top, but gives links to the original post that gave so much offense.

  • Michelle Malkin, who recently went to Iraq to see the situation for herself. She disagrees with Arkin and many others about the caliber of the troops, and the situation on the ground.

  • Ace of Spades links to a video of Arkin being interviewed. Watch, and make your own judgement about him.

  • Captain's Quarters.


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