3 Years Old Forever

I was updating my blog. As the page was loading, I caught a glimpse of the memorial above.

We all try to keep children out of harm's way. We may spank them for dashing into the street, but that's our way of trying to ensure that they couple the spanking with the danger of streets.

We immunize them against common childhood illnesses. We make them stay inside when it's too cold, and feed them vitamins to keep them healthy.

We even bring up difficult subjects - such as not talking to strangers, and "good" touches" vs. "bad" touches.

Sometimes, its hard to anticipate all the dangers that an unwary child may encounter. But, generally, in the arms of parents, they can rest easy.

Not Dana Falkenberg. Her parents couldn't have anticipated that a short plane ride would be the last of her young life.

Their side: kill an innocent, and think it of no consequence.

Our side: serve and protect. To the end.


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