The Push to Leg,alization

In the wake of this week's Blogburst, I started thinking about the future of Hispanics in America.

It's not pretty.

For Hispanics.

Mind, I'm not saying that the backlash of Americans fed up with the influx of undereducated and unassimilated illegals will lead to actions against them. I doubt that will happen - we've been pushed hard already, and still haven't triggered armed response against the tide. On the contrary, we have watched as the illegals gathered in large numbers, taunting us, arrogantly insisting that this is THEIR land, and daring us to do anything about it.

No, I'm thinking about what the future in America will hold for them, EVEN if they achieve the liberal goal of amnesty.

  • Will they suddenly become bi-lingual? Unlikely. And without mastery of the English language, they will be unable to take advantage of the educational opportunities we have.

  • The economy won't continue to allow them to take advantage of it for long. Once their status is regularized, the IRS comes in, and takes a healthy chunk of their wages. It has not been worth the effort, but once they can easily be located, and are unlikely to leave, watch out. There goes the extra chunk of untaxed income.

    Can you say, welcome to the underpaid and overtaxed class? Just like the gringos.

  • Wait until the Black population gets their claws into them. Blacks have enjoyed a near-monopoly on preferences and entitlements. They aren't going to want to share. Expect a MAJOR backlash. And the party that lets Hispanics get the upper hand will share in the blame.

    Good-bye, Democrats. Hello, Republicans.

  • The Hispanics have benefited from taking the "jobs Americans won't do". Is that a viable strategy in the long term?

    Worse, there remains the possibility that they could lose those jobs. They already have, in many cases - automation has eliminated many of the least-skilled occupations.

    Other jobs in the bottom tier have been taken by OTHER immigrants, such as Africans and Asians. And they have the advantage that they are generally pleasant.

    Not like THIS.


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