Telecommuting for Congress?

I found an old article in the archives of The American Thinker. It suggests a radical solution to the problem of sending our representatives and Senators to Washington, only to have them fall victim to the Washington Mindset.
Many businesses have discovered that there is no real need to keep people in one physical location, in order to effectively and efficiently coordinate their work effort. Telecommuting, the pratice of working from remote locations, be it a client’s premises or even from home, offers many advantages. It is long past time for Congress to consider the possibility of applying the lessons learned in the private sector. The benefits mught be numerous and substantial.
I really like this idea. Rather than exhaust the Congressperson by forcing them into a jet-lagged lifestyle, it makes sense to convene Congress remotely, with personal appearances for only a few days a month.

Think about the difference it could make for limiting the influence of lobbyists, not to mention the wear and tear on the families back in the district. Our Congress could dedicate themselves to working for the folks at home, instead of pursuing the high life in Washington.


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