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I'm typing this on my laptop, with an external keyboard attached. The on-board keyboard, alas, has terminal cancer. The problem is common on many HP Omnibook computers.

My husband will probably be bringing a replacement down, but first it have to have the closing latch fixed. It's easier to get repairs in a major city than here.

My dear SIL is in charge of the repairs. He'll either personally do it, or have someone else do it. God love him.

One of the other teachers, another Ohioan, has been telling us about the shooting in PA recently. I confess, I only glanced at the news - another teen goes gonzo, shoots up a school, ho-hum.

But, it was more like the Lockerbie, Scotland shootings than Columbine. This was an adult determined to make his statement by killing unassociated children, girls, to be exact. The principal got shot by trying to stop him.

I don't know that there is a way to stop a person who's laid his plans and is willing to die. Unless the family realizes the extent of his mental illness, and warns the authorities, preventing these tragedies may be impossible.

The Foley situation is troubling, but I can't complain about the way Hastert handled it.

As far as he knew, the indiscretion hadn't gone further. Both the teen and his parents were OK with no further contact. Despite many saying that rumors were flying around the page pool, there's no indication that Hastert had heard them. The earlier messages were ambiguous, and apparently Hastert wasn't aware of the IMs.

So, are those who are calling for his (Hastert's) removal aware that they might be guilty of profiling gays? The furor about the Boy Scouts was about just this - that a - shall we say - strong interest in young boys might indicate tendencies to pedophilia. That stance got the conservatives crucified as homophobic.

I have a feeling this is going to play out as focused more on Republican leadership, and their inactions and actions, than on the issue of whether questionable conduct toward a kid is enough to start investigating a gay person.

Big surprise.


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