I've been reading the results of the NORK ka-boom test, and I've decided several things:

  • The test apparently wasn't all that powerful. It was the equivalent of Hiroshima or less. Nonetheless, it confirms that they are serious about pursuing the program, so we need to act as though they are a danger to us and the rest of the world.
  • If the NORKs can do it, so can any other country. We've been training the world's engineers for a long time. Yeah, I know that we intended to produce people that could build a society, not explode it, but apparently, that's not what THEY intended.
  • Given this, does it REALLY make sense to keep training engineers for other countries? Just asking.
  • Touchy-feely experimenting with the educational system has to stop. We can't afford to have so many students ignorant of math, the precursor to science and engineering. We need to bring in the calvalry. If we can get students up to speed, but only the white male ones, well, tough. Let the researchers tinker with ways to get minorities to succeed. Stop inhibiting white males from succeeding.
  • Don't poo-poo the bomb, or belittle its intent. Kim feeds off fear and adulation. Such a nutcase needs his respect - dissing him could lead to dire consequences.


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