I Can't Believe They Are So Bold in Planning This!

When I first found this link, I apparently misread it. I read it as an official report of the House Judiciary Committee.


It's theFinal Investigative Report of the House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff, that's all. Now, does that read like a report from a partisan part of the committee, or an attempt to masquerade as an official document?

It outlines the plan to shove through an impeachment trial for President Bush. The leadership of the House (Pelosi) has said that option is "off the table". But, she also will be looking at investigating Bush's actions. Would that include impeachment? She won't say yes, and she won't say no.

How coy.

What's the motivation? To secure Clinton's place in the history books as a picked-upon victim of a vicious Republican cabal. If several presidents are impeached, what's the big deal? It makes that pesky trial hardly worth mentioning.

I found a particular piece of egregious nonsense:
implicate the President or other officials implicated by pending investigations -- Congress should consider legislation, such as H.R. 5961, requiring that the President notify Congress of the pardon of any individual who is or was an Administration official. The notification should include the nature of the pardon and the effects it might have on any pending investigations. Such legislation is needed to allow for full disclosure should the President pardon individuals as a means of preventing an investigation from running its course and, perhaps, uncovering information critical of the administration.
Yeah, like Billy Boy never used the pardon to keep his cronies from talking and possibly implicating him.


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