Red-Flag Words

I've been reading Red Star Over Hollywood, by Ronald Radosh, and it got me thinking about the way people with an agenda take over unsuspecting groups. There's a phrase that I've heard in the past, and I am highly suspicious of today.

We all agree on this, don't we?

This phrase generally precedes an action that has a purpose not clearly seen by the group as a whole. It often is used when the sub-group with an agenda don't want you to read the full text. It accompanies resolutions, meeting notes that they want approved without reading, and agreements that need a signature. The correct action, in such a situation, is:

Stop cold. Insist on reading the entire text, right then. Refuse to sign, agree, or go along until you've had time to research the issue.

This advice will save you uncounted hours of regret.

Now, many people have trouble following this course. Women, particularly, want to "get along". They want to "make nice".

Bad idea. It's that kind of thinking that allowed the feminist movement to be hijacked by the Communists, Socialists, Democratic Socialists, Leftists, et al. They rammed their vision of a future into the American fabric, and left their imprint on labor legislation and tax codes, and the popular culture, among other things. They ignored what millions of American women want, and imposed their agenda. So now we have half-naked and foul-mouthed pre-teens, sexually-servicing teens and sub-teens, women bearing children without a father, and women whose "contribution" to crime, particularly violent crime, has led to bulging prison populations.

Isn't progress wonderful?


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