A Lonely Saturday

I've been having a quiet weekend. My husband was supposed to come for a visit, but couldn't work it out. We were both disappointed, but made consoling noises "it's all right, I'll survive" - said with a laugh to indicate that it isn't tragic - even though it feels like it now.

So, as usual, when feeling the need to connect, without any local resources, I started reading blogs. I re-discover several I used to read, such as Church of the Masses. It's run by Barbara Nicolosi, who is a Catholic screenwriter (Touched by an Angel, for example). She posts her memories of September 2001:
Flags are our new vigil lights. Every flag that waves is suddenly a prayer that America will recall the blessings of God. Freedom, not license. Community not diversity. Prosperity to make virtue possible. Speech to utter the truth. Opportunity to advance human potential and achievement. God bless America. God bless America.
These American flags are a talisman - a tangible reminder of why America is so special. Yes, by God, we ARE different. We were settled by the discontented of the world - those people that wouldn't passively live their lives without hope and in the shadow of domination. More than any nation on Earth, we embrace change. Sometimes that change comes faster than we are comfortable with, and we step back for a time, to give us space to adjust. Then, once again, we run headlong into the future.

That willingness to face the future unafraid is what gives the Islamic fanatics fits. They hate change, they are fearful of the future, and look to the past for their guiding light.

They are destined to fail. Change, you might say, happens.


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