Ding, Dong, the &itch is Dead, ...Oh, Wait...

From Reuters (and we know how unbiased and accurate THEY are):
France and the United States said on Saturday they could not confirm a report that Osama bin Laden had died and France launched a probe into how a secret document containing the claim was leaked.

The French regional daily L'Est Republicain, published in Nancy, quoted a document from France's DGSE foreign intelligence service as saying the Saudi secret services were convinced the al Qaeda leader had died of typhoid in Pakistan in late August.
This report reeks as badly as a bachelor's refrigerator; motives?

  • By releasing the news now, before it can be confirmed, takes away the possibility of an "October Surprise". If later proved true, media will call it a "ho-hum", old news, not worthy of the front page.
  • Democrats stand to benefit from the early release of the news. They'll start the drumbeat for total withdrawal of troops. Expect to see the - er - can't call it groundswell - how about carefully orchestrated chorus from the usual suspects?
  • I'm inclined to believe it's a lie, designed to get us to take our eyes off Pakistan's borders, whence AQ will wisk him away for medical treatment. In other words, a feint.


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