Clinton Explained by Ace

I'll be heading to work in a few minutes, but I wanted to put up this link to the story behind the hunt for Bin Laden, as explained by the Washington Post (2004), via Ace. It has the ring of truth.
It was common in Clinton's cabinet and among his National Security Council aides to see the CIA as too cautious, paralyzed by fears of legal and political risks. At Langley, this criticism rankled. The CIA's senior managers believed officials at the White House wanted to have it both ways: They liked to blame the agency for its supposed lack of aggression, yet they sent over classified legal memos full of wiggle words.
Yeah, that slippery, I-didn't-do-anything, you-didn't-see-me, can't-legally-prove-it, Bart Simpson-type evasion. Sounds like the Clinton presidency.


Maybe we should never let lawyers run for president. That's all this guy and his wife are about.

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