Because, of course, Liberal radio shows are just soaring in the ratings

Steinem & friends start an all-women radio network. Who are these founders?
Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda, and a high powered group of women decided to offer an alternative by founding GreenStone Media. It's the only national radio network owned by women, and it's designed to offer what is missing in talk today -- radio that is thought-provoking, emotionally involving, believable and trustworthy. Radio that talks with you, not at you.

GreenStone's talk radio network debuted in July, 2006. We began streaming a series of entertaining, informative shows nationally, and we are adding AM and FM affiliates across the country. We're broadcasting from studios in New York and Los Angeles.

Our mission is simple: meet the unserved need for innovative, topical, relevant and entertaining programming of particular interest to women.
Because Air America radio has been SUCH a great place to sink your life savings. Good thing Ted (ex-husband) Turner isn't dead - he's be spinning in his grave.

Guess Steinem has a new patron to provide her with a media company to play with.


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