Sanctuary offered by churches is an ancient tradition in the Christian community. From the Catholic Encyclopedia:
A fugitive convicted of felony and taking the benefit of sanctuary was afforded protection from thirty to forty days, after which, subject to certain severe conditions, he had to "abjure the realm", that is leave the kingdom within a specified time and take an oath not to return without the king's leave.
In other words, sanctuary was a temporary way for a fugitive to marshall any financial or other resources he might possess, then leave forever. It was intended to counter the overwhelming power of the state, and provide a merciful exit from the country. Cheaper and simpler than keeping the felon in prison, and, for those smart enough to learn from their mistakes, a fresh start.

That's clearly not the idea of Elvira Arellano, who is hiding out from the ICE in a Chicago United Methodist church. Elvira is a four-time illegal, one time doing her boomerang thing just days after a deportation. Elvira is, of course, playing the "I'm a MOTHER, how could you split up my family?

Well, I'm a'gin that, so - here's a thought - take the kid with you, and stay in your own country.
Via Freedom Folks, who comments on the situation.

BTW, the pastor of the church in question is married to a long-time activist for Latino "rights". Not Latinos who are legals, of course, but non-citizens who are illegally in this country.


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