New Heading

I've been thinking of a way to remember the most immediate reason for the War on Terror, the 9/11 victims.

I've added a new header, just above mine. It's a script, designed to load in a random victim of 9/11, each time a page is reloaded. I found it on Danny Carlton - alias Jack Lewis. He's also been added to the blogroll - check him out.

If you'd like to add the code to your blog or webpage, go to this post, and follow the instructions. It's dead-on easy (did I say DEAD-ON, apply to your blog, DEAD-ON, apply to your blog, DEAD-ON, apply to your blog).

After 9/11, I'm going to work on a memorial to the OTHER victims - those Armed Services members who died, as well as the other victims worldwide. Be patient, it may take a little time to research and plan.

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