Why I Think I'm on the Right Side About Immigration

I'll tell 'ya - I use the Email from the Average Person Index. What's that, you ask?

I've been getting at least 3-5 emails a month passed on from ordinary people on my email list. These aren't activists, these are just average citizens who are fed up. And they are, indeed, fed up with the situation on immigration.

The gist of the messages:
  • Stop treating us like your momma - unlike her, we don't have to welcome you in when you're broke and out of work. You deserve a better job? There's a price to be paid - get the education, and be prepared to work. You may not reach the top levels of status and pay in this generation. Neither did the natives. It generally still beats the situation you left in the old country.
  • Legal or not, learn English. I don't care whether you speak the language of your home country at home, but at school and in the workplace, speak the main language of our country.
  • Treat or traditions, religions, and culture with respect. Yeah, I know the young women of this country would be strung up if they dressed like that in your country, but you're not in that country. Remember? If you come here, be prepared to change. Otherwise, go home. We won't force you to stay.
  • Obey our laws. The first law is to enter legally. And don't overstay your visitor or student visa.
  • Wait your turn to enter this country. There are a lot of people who would like to come here. Many of them are better educated and skilled than you. They also deserve their chance.
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