Post-Holiday Catch-Up

I've been enjoying my summer vacation so far; even had time enough to catch up on politics. For example:

  • The Duke Lacrosse Team status - it seems that the push to purchase the rope and build the scaffold has diminished. Cooler heads are prevailing, and it's likely that the whole thing will peter out.

    But, they're not off the hook. There is always the possibility that the alleged victim will file suit in civil court. And with the looser rules of evidence, and the elimination of need for a unanimous verdict, she could win. Or, at least, get a lot of cash in a negotiated settlement.

    Who wants to bet on the likelihood?

  • From Fox News:
    The state plans to install security cameras with night vision along some of the most isolated and dangerous stretches of the Texas-Mexico border to monitor illegal immigration and drug trafficking, Gov. Rick Perry said Thursday.

    The $5 million project will send the images to state, local and federal authorities, Perry said. The images also will be posted on the Internet in real time, and if citizens see a crime, they can call an 800 number to report it.

    "I look at this as not different from the neighborhood watches we have had in our communities for years and years," Perry said.
    This activity could be a sleeper - I'm guessing that these will be some of the most watched webcams on the Net. It will also provide fodder for those of us who want the borders more closely guarded.

  • Further evidence that the left is math-challenged:
    Most people don't know that the New Deal excluded many people of color from Social Security because until the 1950s, those laws excluded domestic and agricultural workers, the occupations of most workers of color. The parents and grandparents of some African Americans and Latinos in the labor market today missed out on Social Security benefits. As a result, many in the younger generations are supporting their elders instead of saving for their own retirement.
    Uhm, if the person is today in their 90's, that means that they were in their 40's in 1950. That left them at least 20 years to qualify for Social Security, even in their old job. According to the Official Security Website,
    Anyone born in 1929 or later needs 10 years of work (40 credits) to be eligible for retirement benefits. People born before 1929 need fewer years of work.
    There's no reason anyone who worked shouldn't qualify. Oh, unless they were in prison during those qualifying years. But that's not the fault of the SS system.

  • In other lunacy from the left,
    Since welfare reform went into effect in 1997, childcare and transportation assistance have been much more likely to go to white welfare leavers; unpaid ³workfare² has been far more common for welfare leavers of color.
    Could that be because the "white welfare leavers" qualify for the childcare and transportation assistance because they have a JOB? "Workfare" is intended for those welfare recipients that don't manage to get a job. Not racial. Related to the difference of outcome. Earth to Left: Black welfare leavers who get a job qualify for those incentives, too.

    These last two links were from a post written by Betsy Leondar-Wright, Communications Director at United for a Fair Economy, co-authored UFE's new book, The Color of Wealth: The Story Behind the US Racial Wealth Divide (New Press, 2006). Perhaps she needs to take a course in basic economics. I did, long ago. Mind you, I got a C, but I did learn that there is no Magic Money Federal Dollar Tree. Other than that, I learned that it's a good thing economists don't teach teens about sex, or no one would stay awake long enough to learn how to reproduce.

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I saw your critique of my op-ed. I wanted to clarify that the difference found (in a study by the Applied Research Center) was between mostly black regions where childcare and other transitional assistance weren't made available to people leaving welfare for jobs, and mostly white regions where there were far more transitional benefits offered. The difference wasn't between people who left for a job or were kicked off due to new rules and remained unemployed.
Hope that's helpful.

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