The Difference between Two Unusual Cultures

Some are calling those of us who push back against fanatic Islamicists as "intolerant". What is so bad about welcoming Muslim culture into our country?

Well, I can give the short answer. I can give the example of two cultures, both with women wearing clothing I would not want to wear.


[I changed the Amish picture when I tried it on another computer, and it wouldn't display]

The first picture is the MANDATED attire of all who live in a culture dominated by Islamicists. There are no exceptions for those, like myself, who practice another religion.

The second picture is of a group of women living in a culture that has also has rules about the proper attire of women, whose attire is not that of Western culture.

The difference is that the second culture, the Amish, can live peacefully side-by-side with those who don't follow their religion. They maintain their culture without feeling the need to force all in their vicinity to follow their practices, upon pain of beatings or jail (or death).

I've lived in communities with Amish members. No problems. They have their ways, I have mine.

That sort of laissez-faire approach is anathema to the Islamicists. It's their way, or suffer the extreme consequences.

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Anonymous said…
This attire is not required of all islamic women in the middle East. In some countries, yes it is, but not all
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John said…
Having grown up in Indiana Amish Country can I just say these folks are great! The Wal-Marts have hitching posts and the the beautiful bays that pull the carrages trot through the towns and the country. This is a group that also markets their skills as builders. We have a 150 year old barn back in Indiana that we treat with care. We would not let anyone work on it but Amish Craftsmen with the sam tools that built the barn so many years ago.

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