What was so great about the Old Days?

I've been having a great start to my vacation by roaming around the blogs, dipping my toes in here and there, and just sniffing out interesting things.

I'm finding a lot of posts about the culture of the poster's teen years, and how the music, clothes, TV and movies influenced that person forever.

What tripe!

I was a basic baby boomer. I became fixated on the Beatles, just like every other girl of my time (I was a Paul girl - he and my mother shared a birthday).

I can't say that I recognized his musical genius - I just liked him because he was cute in an androgynous, non-threatening way. Hey, I was 13 at the time.

The same with TV shows - I didn't watch the great dramas - I watched Gidget, The Patty Duke Show, The Jetsons, and all that other mind candy of the times.

One of the few shows that stood the test of time was Star Trek. My whole family liked that - but, then, you must remember that we were total geeks. We all have worked in a technical or computer field, and our conversation is heavily laden with acronyms and tech-speak.

But, I can't say that I tear up when certain songs are played. I also can't say that I listen to much of the current music - it's too hard to understand (my hearing has deteriorated considerably), too filled with vulgarities, and, frankly, nothing I'm interested in dancing to.

I'm just not a nostalgia freak. I don't moon over an older, better world of the past. I remember that world - it wasn't so much.

I like today. I have the money to be able to side-step the parts of the culture I find repulsive or stupid. I like modern conveniences. I don't feel the need to live in the past. I can't say that I regret nothing, but I made my choices, and I'll live with the consequences.

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