Thith means WAR!

Thith means WAR!

I've been fuming this week about the situation of the DHS not understanding that they are employees of the United States, not Mexico. Clearly, there is some confusion, as the story shows. When an employee, government or not, decides that the mission statement (i.e., the Constitution) means nothing, and that groveling before foreign powers is more important, it's w-a-a-y past time for that employee to find another job.

From the opening of the immigration bill (H4437),
It is the sense of Congress that the immigration and 4 naturalization policy shall be designed to enhance the economic, social and cultural well-being of the United States of America.
Got that? OUR country, not theirs.

Take one of the above and buy a clue.

Peeps, it's once again time to flood Congress with letters, email, and calls to let them know we expect them to evolve into vertebrates. The Congress is pushing to get legislation passed, and it's important to get our positions known. The House bill, while not perfect, focuses more on border security. The Senate bill will be brought to the floor in the next week. Click on the links for the full text.

I know it takes a lot to wade through obscure language to determine whether the legislation is worth supporting. I know my own time is extremely limited right now, as I have less than 2 weeks of school. But I've found that reading the original text helps make the issues clearer.

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