Righteous Violence

I was reading Dean's World again today, and found a thoughtful post about the 4th Amendment.

It started me thinking about what I call, for lack of a better phrase, Righteous Violence.

RV is the concept that we all have the basic right to defend ourselves and our loved ones against the likelihood of death or assault, even if our response results in the death of the agressor. No one should have to accept their own death to satisfy a Biblical interpretation of the commandment, "Thou shalt not kill". To this end, we have exceptions that permit someone to kill in limited circumstances:
  • In defense of their own life. If you have reason to believe that your life is in immediate danger, and there is no other way to keep that from happening.
  • If you have been authorized by the government to use deadly force. This covers military, police, and the like. These people have mandatory training on the guidelines - when they can exercise that right, what is not allowed. If they violate those guidelines, and kill outside clearly defined parameters, they can be prosecuted for murder.
In their dislike for the above authorities, many liberals claim that NO use of force is necessary. They seek to disarm all citizens, even the law-abiding, on the hypothesis that, if fewer guns were available, violence would decrease.

Unfortunately, the criminals don't seem to want to cooperate. They keep arming themselves.

So, anti-gun laws disarm the victims. Which suits the bad guys just fine.

Internationally, the same arguments are used against Israel. If they would just leave their legal property, and turn it over to the Hamas crew, every problem would cease. Oh, and, BTW, tear down the fence around your property, and get rid of the guns.

Yeah, that'll work. Since the Arabs on the borders have proven to be so reasonable.

This isn't an issue of protecting your own hide. After all, we will all die some day. But, it's also about protecting the innocent. Those who can't protect themselves.

Like them.

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ME said…
Oh wow, the "Arabs on the borders" dont need to be reasonable to people who've STOLEN their property. I doubt you'd be "reasonable" if someone came and signed the deed to your home over to some completely anonymous person. Thats what happened to the Palestinians when Palestine became "Israel". Read up on how the Jews GOT Palestine. You can read op on it on Wikipedia if you dont wanna do a bunch of research. Their's is a more condensed version, but they got it right.
Anonymous said…
Last I checked the Israelis owned the land originally, and wikipedia wasn't the best source for history lessons. Also in response to the "righteous violence" post, the Bible was quoted incorrectly, it is "Thou shall not murder."

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