My Own Personal State of Whatever

Every few months or so, I feel compelled (for reasons that are, to quote Mr. Spock, Totally Illogical) to drag in something personal, thrust it at the world, saying "see that? See that?", and again depart.

Call it My Own Personal State of Self address.

It's been raining, off and on, for days. Makes me a little homesick for Cleveland, as that is exactly what our spring weather is like. It's got its pluses - at least it keeps the temperature more bearable. It does, however, make my joints ache fiercely.

I've picked up a little bruise just under my left eye. I really can't remember exactly where I got it, but I think it may have something to do with the remodeling I've been doing. I seem to remember walking into the pull-down ladder to the attic. I was seriously tempted to answer the kids who asked where I got it - "Oh, you should see those four guys in the biker club, they look much worse". However, I know from previous experience, kids take you seriously at just the wrong time.

I received a letter from my Senator, Lindsay Graham, about the immigration issue. I sent one of the Free Faxes from NumbersUSA. After I signed up, they began sending me information and reminders that I could send a message to Congress every time legislation came up on immigration. You don't have to do much, and it does make the process easy.

I'll read Sen. Graham's letter later, once the lights come back on. Have I mentioned that I'm doing some remodeling? The wiring is being updated as I write. Fortunately, the outlets are on a different circuit.

I've been noticing many blogs succumbing to a sort of fatigue - at least, that's what it seems like, as I notice that many once prolific posters have dwindled to once a week or less. I can understand it. We all have lives, apart from blogging. Very few of us are paid for our efforts. For most, it's an opportunity to finally have our say, as long as we want, without having to watch them sidle away, saying "oh, that's so interesting, wow, look at the time, see you later". I imagine it's a little like the authors who write one book, then nothing more. They got that story out of their system. The process wasn't all that interesting to them, they just had a strong desire to write a few words.

Me, I like the process. I even like revision and editing. (Yeah, I'm weird. I noticed it in college when most other students settled for 1 or 2 drafts, the excellent ones for 3 - I once tinkered for 3 weeks on a paper. I counted 10 different versions, with substantial changes in each). So, whether or not anyone ever read me again, I'd still write.

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Akaky said…
but it's DEPRESSING me, dammit!

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