Hard Evidence that Global Warming is True!

I don't want to unnecessarily alarm anyone, but I was reading IMAO, and he points out a scary proof that Al Gore is on the money:
The earth is heating up and we will all die!

Believe it, man. I've been watching the temperatures here in Florida, and there has been a significant increase in average temperature since January. We're talking like more than ten degrees! If this trend continues, the oceans will boil in a matter of years.
I got so scared reading that! Because, I've noticed it, too! In January, I often had to scrape off the frost on my windshield in SC. But, today, I left the house, and was surprised to feel the heat! It must have been 80 degrees! In the morning!

OMG, we ARE going to fry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In The Vision Of The Anointed, Thomas Sowell used that very example to illustrate the importance of finding the process behind the trends in the data, rather than making wild conjectures based on trend lines alone.
Anonymous said…
have you actually taken the time to watch An Inconvenient Truth? because if you had you would know that he says there's still time to fix things (not that we're inevitably all going to die when the earth boils). god forbid we should all make a little extra effort to keep the planet clean.
Anonymous said…
Hi, until a year ago I had spent the the past 10 years of my life living in the Yukon Territory, Canada (you know that really cold place with the ice, snow, Eskimos and beer-that-doesn't-taste-like-goat-piss?) Considering the amount of strange weather that has affected the North over the past several years, I'd have to say global warming in a frightening reality. Maybe you should pick up a copy of Planet Earth (a great nature series from BBC); they paint the climate change issue fairly well.
I'm sure people living in warm climates like you don't notice anything, but we sure as fuck do. Please rethink your poisonous ideas.

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