Zapata Quote Misattributed?

When I saw the sign below:

I had a niggling feeling that it didn't sound right. So, I searched for the phrase, and found who I believed to be the true author:
Dolores Ibarruri

Who was she?

According to The Quotations Page, she was a "Spanish Communist agitator & politician; helped found Spanish Communist Party 1920; opposed Fascists in Spanish Civil War".

However, the Columbia World of Quotations says "calling on the women of Spain to defend the Republic. In her autobiography (1966), Ibarruri stated that she had first used the words in an earlier broadcast in Spain, July 18. The expression, which became a slogan in the ensuing civil war, has an earlier attribution, to Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata (c. 1877-1919)."
So, who's right?

Until this wave of organized protests, I had always heard the quote applied to Ibarruri - who was nicknamed "La Pasionaria". I'd never heard it attributed to Zapata. It seems that the protesters have learned from their previous mistakes, and are spinning a pro-US, we're-not-communists-honest!, approach to the media.

My big question is, will this

replace this?

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