A Provocative Proposal

Don't know what happened to Part II of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. Apparently, the person responsible for distribution is sick. When I get Part II, I'll post immediately.

Found via A Lady's Ruminations, is this gem from Rush Limbaugh (NOTE: I am not a dittohead, nor do I listen to/read Rush. But, I am not one to disrespect an otherwise good idea because I have preconceived notions about the originator of that idea)
the bottom line it is not about immigration, it is about voters, and the Democrats are now being open and honest about it. Their outreach, they're out there recruiting.

So let's demonstrate this to everybody. Let's say that we accept everything in the Senate bill, we accept everything in it, except for one thing. Illegals, no matter when they become legal don't get the right to vote. They still have to pay the fine, have to show up, but they can't vote or hold public office. Their kids can if they're born here, but they can't. All of the illegals who are here can stay, and they can work and they can get jobs. They can pay taxes. They can use the services this country has to offer, but we won't allow them to vote.

This has the advantage of smoking out the stealth agendas of pro-immigration proponents.

The fact is, we need to push on a Constitutional Amendment to narrow the meaning of "representation" in the Constitution. Currently, if you're living in the US - whether legally or not - you add to the numbers in that state for the purposes of the Census, which sets the number of representatives in Congress. This factor is the one that gives such a boost to the Democratic politicians - they would be crazy to try to get the illegals out. These non-citizens are one reason that the crucial states (CA, OH, FL, and NY) are even in play. Take away the illegals, and suddenly they're Republican states.

Conversely, since (a) a constitutional amendment wouldn't pass before the next election, and (b) Bush doesn't want to jeopardize Republicans in the next election, (c) don't expect any major moves on immigration before then. I don't like it, but I recognize that it's a holding action right now.

However, I'm going to continue hammering down on this issue. Avalanches are slow-starting, but cumulative.

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