May Day

Several things occur to me about this planned May 1 protest:

  • Except in the larger cities, it may not be as well attended as the last rally. That rally took place over the Spring Break of many students. The beginning of May starts exam season for many students, and conflicts with exit exams, proms, and graduations. All of the preceding are more important to the young than playing Che.
  • Am I the only one that sees a sinister motive in the scheduling of the rally on International Labor Day - the Communist Day of Days? I feel that the organizers saw a way to co-opt and take over the emerging energy of the Hispanics. Be careful who you crawl into bed with - you never know who else they've been sleeping with.
  • Previous rallies have created greater resistance in Americans to letting the illegals continue living here. The more the Aliens gain "strength", the more natives get their backs up. Take a hint, Pedro - you DON'T have the right to petition the government - it isn't YOUR government. That's a right granted to CITIZENS of the USA.

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