Imagine my surprise!

After a long, predictable pre-release hype of the sequel to "Basic Instinct", the box office figures are in - it made a paltry 3.2 million, so far. Guess we'll have to wait for a while for BI3.

But the star doesn't seem to be aware of the lack of enthusiasm for the picture.
The beautiful 48-year-old superstar, donning a red dress, confided to "Extra" that some of her own family was there to see her daring full frontal nude scene for the first time.

"My family so gets it," she said. "My family is so cool and supportive."
Yeah, what a KEWL family - dying to see what the implants and tucks have wrought on what used to be an attractive figure.

Sharon, honey, you're 48. I know the Botox and the slice-and-dice have tightened up the exterior, but the fact remains, selling sex is a young woman's game. Yes, a loved one may see you as enticing as ever, but the people who will plunk down the greenbacks for a glimpse of you in the nude aren't the kind that will look at you through misty eyes, still captivated by the sight.

Instead, they're the cold-eyed types who bypass the young tricks on the street, looking for more for their money. I mean, when was the last time someone passed by a 20-year old for her mom? Except for the bargain-hunters.

Outside of Hollywood, I mean.

There was that much hyped "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" - the story that was based on the "romance" of Terry McMillan and her Jamaican "boy-toy".

Too bad that reality hit a few years later
McMillan, 53, claims that Plummer, 30, is gay and manipulated her into marriage to become a U.S. citizen. She contends he wants to bust their prenup and get at some of the millions she has earned as a best-selling author.
Wow. Who could have seen that coming? That the much-younger man saw her as a meal ticket and a free ride to America. 'Cause we all know just how much young men fantasize about women old enough to be their moms.

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